EPHI agent can be the front interface to your products and services. Your products will become live all of sudden and share emotion and build bonds with your customers.
Then, you can be,

    ㅇmobile device developer where ePhi can be a soul of your assistant.
    ㅇ chat app (messenger) service provider where ePhi agent can be associated with each user.
    ㅇtoy manufacturer where ePhi will make the toys truly live and elevate your toys to a new height.
    ㅇsocial service provider where ePhi can act as an emotional representative of each user.
    ㅇemoticon service provider where ePhi can be instilled into the emoticons to make them behave like life being.
    ㅇmedical device manufacturer where ePhi’s emotional power will improve the clinical effectiveness of the medical equipments.
    ㅇIOT based device manufacturer where ePhi’s will act as a kind assistant existing at every IOT location, then your IOT scheme will become ubiquitous life.
    ㅇrobot developers, then your robots can be truly emotional in ePhi solutions.

“Creating strong emotions—either positive or negative—can help build a bond between your customers and your business,” which is definitely a goal all businesses share.
Certainly we cannot enumerate the possibilities of the future of  emotion. We hope you invent the future with EPHI.

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