ePhi technology covers a set of comprehensive components developed from genuine solutions with minimal external sources.
The following lists principal elements of ePhi learning technology.

    ㅇ Abstract Inferencing
    ㅇ Kinetic Control(original)
    ㅇ Infinity Learning(original)
    ㅇ BP Learning(original)
    ㅇ Softmax Learning(original)
    ㅇ Differential Learning(original)
    ㅇ Abstract Reinforcement Learning (original)

In addition to the learning methods, we have an array of vital algorithms and architectures to design ePhi as follows.
    ㅇ for emotion generation
    ㅇ for policy evaluation to make kinetic decisions
    ㅇ for speech recognition
    ㅇ for emotion evaluation
    ㅇ for vision analysis

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