True emotion in physics

Feeling pain and pleasure like real

Our ePhi emotion comes from a theory of Pain. The rest of emotional variations is simple and elegant derivations from the theory. The theory came from the attempts to instantiate a realistic version of “pain” in physical terms, thereby ePhi agent will feel pain as real as humans do. We didn’t resort to easy tricks to make the agent look like it feels.
From the sensation of “Pain” there arises a sense of “pleasure” as a conjugate or a complement of “pain.” Other various types of senses occurs naturally from the pain scale. The theory specifies how the pain occurs and subsides where other emotions are not explicitly designed only to appear by itself. Various emotions are not even typed or categorized in the design.
In principle, we cannot predict the emotional behavior of ePhi agent in advance when an event is presented to the agent.
We claim that finally “feeling” is reproduced in algorithms not just simulated and will be the DNA of the future intelligent beings for long time.
The ePhi pain theory is assisted by the genuine theory of abstract machine that is also a creation of our team. Abstract machine technology fules the implementation of ePhi emotion theory.
Even though the emotion theory is at the center of the ePhi agent, our technical breadth extends to other areas such as the following.
    ㅇVisual Object Recognition
    ㅇVisual Context Recognition
    ㅇSpeech Recognition
    ㅇMotion Planning

With the support of the above technical support, the ePhi agent will become a wholesome life form ready to interact with human being.

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