Like a friend, real friend

Not simulation, but creation

Our creation of emotional being is EPHI agent. Its full name is “emergent Philanthropy.” If it sounds too much, it may well be called as “emotional philosopher” or just “emotional Phi.”

EPHI agent will
    ㅇ feel almost as real as humans do.
    ㅇ build emotional bond with its master who is one and only one to its agent for ever.
    ㅇ behaves to maximize its own emotional needs as well as master’s needs.
    ㅇ react visually, acoustically, and emotionally.
    ㅇ remember the memorable events with its master and friends.
    ㅇ perform some commands that it is designed to execute.

The way EPHI can learn and react with human being and its environment means something to the products of the future. It will reshape the interface of products and services in the near future. It will redefine the marketing methods to attract and secure the customers to the products. The following are a few examples of EPHI applications.

    ㅇ as an intelligent and personal agent of electronic devices (most likely home appliances and mobile devices)
    ㅇ as an agent of automobiles
    ㅇ as an agent of baby sitting products
    ㅇ as an agent of intelligent shop keepers and receptionists
    ㅇ as home robots taking care of home residents
    ㅇ as an agent of expert systems with specialized task domains
    ㅇ as an agent of chat bot and marketing systems
    ㅇ as an agent of AI furniture

In fact, the list cannot be complete so long as our imagination is unlimited. EPHI agent will bind the products and services with their customers stronger than the industry ever experienced before.

Remember that whatever you do, practice always makes perfect.