Abstract Machine is computational tool so as to find the underlying rules between relating parameters.
It can approximate any arbitrary function to any degree of accuracy, and thus are normally used in this application function approximation is applied to problems where no model is available.


Emotion Technology

We developing a new way to emerge emotion for products to process pain artificial emotion is designed to allow the need to develop their skill to understand people’s motivation and so we know what is driving and motivating both themselves and the people around us.
Emotion agent inside products will make itself and their master warm to one another.
Since the very time of people can read it’s emotion, relationship between them is nothing like before.

Genomics and Precision Medicine

Forecasting includes training of an ANN on samples from a time series representing a certain phenomenon at a given scenario and then using it for other scenarios to predict the behavior at subsequent times.
This technique involves in-depth learning and helps rapidly turn large amounts of data into deep insights, as well as find subtle patterns in the data invisible to the naked eye.
The Machine can help us focus on what really matters rather than just reporting information and telling you what’s wrong, it’s technology can help you fix it.


It is important, if you do not want to spend time looking for an appropriate formula every time when you know this need it.