What you can do
Understanding of the emotional element of your idea
Who we are
We are a collection of engineers and abstractionists, who borrow their reality from one another

The EPHI team

EPHI  company is a AI team dedicated to the research and implementation of emotion technology.  The team’s expertise includes computaional linguistics, cognitive science, precision vision analysis, deep architecture/fundamentals, computational physics, topological geometry, and combinatorics.
We continue to dedicate ourselves to the supremacy of the emotion technology and aim at sharing long term workmanship with our partners~

What we’ve done

  • development of abstract machine theory, and its extensive tests with various problems, one of the most insightful deep architectures.
  • development of emotion theory based on physical laws and abstract machine.
  • creation of physical intelligence.
  • development of EPHI agent instance, “pet Pal.”
Abstract machine
The whole idea behind is to look into the designs that have evolved in nature and use those designs to solve real-world problems

What it is

Technical Elements



Work toghether

Young Star. Han, Ph.D

leading scientist, KAIST, computational linguistics, physical intelligence